Conditions of Use

Anyone who plays our Games Understands and agrees they are games of chance. We have no way to control the outcome nor do we allow players to try and control the outcome of any of our games.

Resetting or as its called refreshing your cards using your refresh, reload, or the available method of your online system will be looked at and considered to be unacceptable. Any such occurance will result in Automatic disqualification for the current game and it places all future play for all the parties involved in jeapardy. As it also places the parties membership in jeapardy of being terminated.

For example. someone gets a set of cards he/she purchased, they find through the game they are having a hard time winning they decide to get a fresh set of cards by resetting the page, well this person just comitted an act of fraud towards all the other people playing in the game. Every card a person plays is registed to thier name at time of purchase so we have a detailed record of the cards and we also have a detailed message of when any activity is on that specific card. We have a security system in place that notifies us of when cards were changed. We also will halt a persons play during a game and we will start the review. This review will take place at our earliest convience. But rest assured the parties involved will be notified via email what steps to take to try and resolve the matter.

We do not allow guest play. All players must be registered with our service or the sister sites they intend to play.

We reserve the right to deny anyone at anytime from playing our games. Management has sole authority to halt a game at anytime. Should this happen all players in that game will be refunded the amount spent to play the game.

Management has the right to review and deny winnings should they find a issue with its claim. 

Players are issued Cards for the games they play each card has the players info registered to the card. If you do not like the cards. Buy a new set and send us an email and we will be more than happy to refund you yourpurchase amount with a 25% restocking fee.

Players allowing someone other then themselves use thier account will have the account suspended. Depending on the severity and the occurence it can cause membership to be suspended indefinately. PROHIBITS any one from using its likeness at anytime for any reason without its expressed written consent. This policy is also extended to our sister sites. is not responsible for the actions of its vendors or other outside vendors. does not allow any of its members to solicit other members for financial help wether it be donations or the selling of services or other goods.

Anyone promoting other gaming sites to members while on our sites via chat room.

The chat room is for the pleasure of all players anda way for us to communicate to the players. Any one that uses the chat room to phish of other members info, or to promote anything thats offensive will be banned from the use of the chat. Depending on the nature of its offense, it can result in criminal prosecution. WE suggest and ask that you keep all your conversations to a "G" rated atmosphere.

Bingoland does not provide player info to anyone unless required by court documentation.