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Bingoland.us Founder Mark Marciano Looks to establish a Brick and Morter Bingo Hall. looks for location while setting up the concept. Discusses a possible partnership with a elder Brother.


Bingoland.us Founder Mark Marciano after serious discussions with Cheryl Marks wife it was determined it wasnt the time and they  Suspend the idea due to finacial restraints and the prosepect of being eveicted by a retalloitive landlord> (Needless to say the landlord lost and paid $25,000.00 more than needed for refusing to reinburse a $700.00 electric bill. Greed kills mark says.

2011 - 2016

life continues

2017 - Feb

Bingoland.us Founder Mark Marciano revisits the possibilities talks to his wife shes somewhat supportive and more sceptical. Yet when Cheryl seen Mark had done his research and the homework showed more promise than the Games after people playing the games online   for only "Bragging rights"


Bingoland.us Founder Mark Marciano establishes the first site www.bingoland.site Where the first online concept is into action.


Bingoland.us Founder Mark Marciano aquires 9 more sites to grow the System as he calls it.

2018 - Jan

Bingoland.us Founder Mark Marciano meets with long time friend and Business partner Ron Roberts to pitch the concept and get feed back Ron was the perfect one to do this with as hes not a player of the game and just figuring out the world wide web. the discussion was in a truck in aparking lot of a local Save A Lot. In one of the worst sections of Manatee County

2018 - Feb

Bingoland.us Founder Mark Marciano contacts a Co worker about the idea who later Becomes the companies first Stock Holder. Cheryl was involved in the discussions with Marks Coworker where she explained how the Game is loved by 100s of Millions of people worldwide.

Bingoland.us Founders Mark and Cheryl Marciano manages to get 9 investors aboard offers private stock in the company.

2018 - May

Bingoland.us Founder Mark Marciano solicited the assistance of a very well versed Web developer and things started to take shape

To the non World Wide Webbers theres more sides to a website as web masters we can build sites but then we also need the expertise of developers to make them funtion properly.

2018 - Nov - 28th

We are having our first board meeting.

this will be updated with info as soon as we get it.

Pre registration date

Launch Date

Future Mile Stones.

Enough of the Online Game being started Its time "For You To Be A Part Of It